~ 270 ~

Nem vagyok normális, hogy az e-maileket meg msn beszélgetéseket olvasom.
Vagy mégis.
Vagy mégsem.
Na, összezavartam magam…

“I´m an awful advice-giver, so all i can tell is you need to rely on the ones you trust. I´m also the kind of “don´t need any help” person, but that´s no good thing, specially when problems seems to accumulate… (…) things will work somehow, and if they don´t, maybe it´s for better.”

“our life is just like a quest, we HAVE to live and try to do our best always, against every issue, every storm, every difficulty…”

“I remember when I was all wasted, drunk, sad, crying and alone in my bedroom, and I felt good talking to you.”

“- what’s the common drink there? Vodka!
– no, that’s in Russia!”

(ehehe, jah, én mint akkori antialkesz próbáltam elmagyarázni utána, milyen a pálinka :D)

“but that´s extraordinary…. to like somebody…. the ability to love…. that’s a great thingxD”

“I told her I wanted to know her thinking such as it is and she send me a large email, with all kind of negative stuff bout me”

“but she was my dream girl; and I love her still; she’s so cute… I mean.. I know why she don’t like me…. I’m not like, mmm, brad pitt.. haha, and I think she wants someone like him”

“haha, I mean, you have that Chilean strange weird guy, who gets drunk , and makes songs about a woman that doesn’t like him
that sounds quite weird
anyway, I really appreciate you…
cause you’ve always had the time to read my crappy stupid little things and you’ve heard my stupid amateur songs
so thanxxx

“Cause I can see… as my sky turns darker,
that through you… I learn that life ain´t worth if you can´t reach who you love…”

(az egyik készülő dalból)

“id say, taking picas is almoost like having a dance
it is a great excuse to get physical (8)
(beer)(camera) and dancing
the perfect combination
Dating Strategies!
mmm, if i have a perfect date using the things i mentioned, then ill be promoting my super affective dating system!
Dating Strategies for nerds
best seller”

“Tolkien usually involves drunken experiences
believe me”


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